Smart Project

Iteratively developing and testing a Parent Educator Action Response (PEAR) in Preschool

Research Team Margaret Sibley, PhD
Team Name PEAR
Funding Foundry 10
Project Status Recruiting

Through a community-partnered approach we will iteratively develop and deliver a parent-teacher relationship intervention at local preschools that serve historically marginalized children and families. The current project will:

  • Aim 1. Identify barriers and facilitators that influence parent engagement and teachers perceptions of parents (Method: Needs Assessment and Focus groups with parents and school staff),
  • Aim 2. Identify strategies to improve parent engagement and teachers’ perceptions of parents (Method: Community Advisory Board) and
  • Aim 3. Test the acceptability and feasibility of the identified engagement strategies with historically marginalized families and schools (Method: Rapid Prototyping with schools as they deliver a parent-teacher relationship building intervention to improve social, emotional, and educational outcomes for children from historically under-represented backgrounds).