AIR-B Projects

Autism Intervention Research Network for Behavioral Health (AIR-B) Projects

Led by Connie Kasari, PhD from the University of California, Los Angeles and in partnership with the University of California, Davis, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester, Drexel University, University of Kansas, and the University of Washington, the Autism Intervention Research Network for Behavioral Health (AIR-B) uses community-partnered participatory research and implementation science to disseminate interventions that engage families and communities in effective evidence-based autism interventions. The University of Washington AIR-B site, led by Dr. Jill Locke, will engage in two studies – both will use an implementation strategy called UNITED: Using Novel Implementation Tools for Evidence-based intervention Delivery. UNITED is a team-based approach that uses social network analysis to identify members of the team who will implement each intervention, and a team-based implementation strategy that optimizes communication and teamwork skills. AIR-B studies will involve partnering with community providers to implement the following studies that will be the focus of this grant.

The first study, Remaking Recess, helps children with autism to improve their peer relationships at school. In this study, the AIR-B team partners with school district personnel to deliver the intervention in under resourced public elementary schools. The students with autism for this study will be in elementary school and range from 5 to 12 years of age.

The second study, Self-Determination Learning Model of Instruction (SDLMI), adolescents with autism can gain self-determination, the ability to act as a causal agent in one’s own life in order to attain goals. Through the three-phase instructional process, the students will gain the necessary skills for success later in life. This study also involves partnering with school district personnel. The students with autism recruited for this study will be in high school and between the ages of 13-22.

Currently, we are convening a Community Advisory Board (CAB) to help us support our public schools implement Remaking Recess and Self-Determined Learning Model of Instruction. The CAB is focused on diversity and intends to include people who understand what it is like to be in or serve an underrepresented and/or under resourced community.


If you’d like additional information about joining CAB or either the Remaking Recess or SDLMI Projects, please see the below flyers and/or contact us at