ASD PREP Project

Preparing Teachers and Paraeducators for the Successful Inclusion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD PREP)

The purpose of the ASD PREP study is to identify which evidence-based practices (EBPs) and strategies teachers and paraeducators use to more meaningfully include and retain children with ASD in general education settings. It is not clear which EBPs, if any, general and special education teachers and paraeducators are commonly trained to use or whether they consistently use those EBPs to support inclusion of  students with ASD. School-wide professional development and training efforts are not as optimally effective because a number of individual and organizational barriers often inhibit EBP use. It’s imperative that we understand the mechanisms through which these factors affect teachers’ and paraeducators’ EBP use to identify targeted implementation strategies that work to ensure inclusion is both productive for children with ASD and non-disruptive for the general education classroom as a whole.

Currently recruiting General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers and Paraeducators who work with students with ASD.

Interested in participating? There are 3 phases of this project, including:

  • Phase 1: provide feedback on EBP use via a brief online survey (15 mins) and follow-up phone interview (30 mins)
  • Phase 2: provide feedback on EBP use, organizational characteristics, and student outcomes via an online survey (45-60 mins)
  • Phase 3: provide feedback on EBP use and individual and organizational factors that impact EBP use via phone interview (45-60 mins)

All participants will receive a $40 gift card as a thank you (per phase) and each school will receive a resource kit that includes visual supports, visual timers, sensory toys, books, velcro, etc. to support students with ASD.

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If interested, please complete this brief screener here.