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Carol A. Davis, EdD

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor, College of Education
(206) 221-5043
Box 353600 / 322P Miller
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Carol Ann Davis, Ed.D.has focused her work on developing strategies, services, and school-based models to support children and adolescents with chronic and persistent behavioral challenges in the school setting. She is currently a Professor of Special Education and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs in the College of Education. While much of her research has focused on validating effective intervention strategies for assessment and intervention in the classroom, more recently, she has focused on developing systems and models to assist with the implementation of these practices in classrooms and schools. This work has led to the use and integration of the implementation science literature to facilitate designing and implementing evidenced-based strategies and models of service delivery in schools. In addition to this line of research, she has an extensive history preparing teachers and school leaders in providing evidenced-based practices in the classroom for students with developmental disabilities, Autism, and emotional behavior disorders.


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The aims of this project are to use an iterative design to: (1) develop materials that assist schools in the implementation of a web-based technology tool to assist teachers in the use of individual support plans in the classroom (iBESTT), and (2) evaluate the effectiveness of the training materials in producing school teams and teachers that implement iBESTT with high fidelity for students at-risk for or with chronic behavior problems.
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