Smart Project

Let Art Unleash Great Happiness (LAUGH)

Team Name LAUGH
Funding Catherine Mayer Foundation
Project Status Recruiting

This project is evaluating the impact of art-based mindfulness on the learning experiences of chronically stressed children in schools. The team is exploring art-based mindfulness as a culturally responsive practice for socio-emotional learning for diverse youth in schools. The study is built on the premise that all children can benefit from mindful practices through visual, physical, and tactile sensory experiences. Using an iPad app called L.A.U.G.H. ® (Let Art Unleash Great Happiness) and AmbientArt® technology, students in a racially diverse school are engaged in art-based mindfulness in the classroom. Through participating in L.A.U.G.H. time, we are learning that chronically stressed students are better able to regulate their emotions, have increased compassion for themselves and others, feel more connected to school and have greater joy in the process of learning. These benefits occur not only for individual students but also the classroom environment and overall school culture.