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Yasmin Landa

Research Study Assistant
(206) 616-5612
Box 354920 / Room 120B
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Yasmin Landa (she/her) is a Research Study Assistant at the SMART Center. She is a recent graduate from the University of Washington, where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and Sociology. As an undergraduate, Yasmin conducted an independent research project exploring the effects of in-patient psychiatric socio-physical experiences on treatment engagement posthospitalization. This research coupled with her work experience at Newport Academy, an adolescent treatment center, sparked an interest in mental health intervention with a focus on youth. She now assists in projects such as VIBRANT & BASIS that focus on mental health research and interventions in school systems. During her free time, Yasmin enjoys de-stressing with a good book, painting, gaming, and spending time with her dog and loved ones.

We have developed and are currently testing the Beliefs and Attitudes for Successful Implementation in Schools (BASIS) implementation strategy. BASIS is a theoretically-drive, intervention-agnostic, and individually-focused implementation strategy designed to increase motivation and engagement prior to – and immediately following – initial training in evidence-based practices. Access the BASIS R01 study protocol here.   Check out related projects: BASIS-Optimization and BASIS-T
The University of Washington Research Institute for Implementation Science in Education (RIISE) is the first of its kind and reflects a collaborative, innovative effort to develop the implementation research workforce in education and improve educational and related outcomes. Led by a group of Core Faculty with extensive experience conducting implementation research in schools, RIISE provides training and mentorship to established education scholars (Fellows) to increase their expertise in conceptualizing, designing, and executing implementation research studies. Specifically, the RIISE training program will support Fellows in acquiring, building fluency with, and applying implementation research knowledge and skills in their education research to develop high-quality implementation studies that bridge the “last mile” in which education research fails to reach the individuals for whom it was intended. Learn more about RIISE here. A light blue book lays open with a yellow and orange sun coming out from it. “RIISE” lays on top of the sun in orange lettering with the two I’s in dark blue going up invisible steps. To the right in dark blue is “Research Institute for Implementation Science in Education.”
Black and Latinx youth continue to receive lower quantity and quality mental healthcare compared to Non-Hispanic White youth, despite similar rates of unmet need. Clinician implicit bias has been implicated as a major contributor to inequitable mental health treatment and outcomes for youth. This study, addressing the third aim of the supplemental BOLT parent grant (NIMH 3R34MH109605-02S1), aims to pilot test a Virtual Implicit Bias Reduction and Neutralization Training (VIBRANT) for school mental health clinicians as an innovative strategy for reducing clinician implicit bias, improving the equitable delivery of high quality, evidence-based mental healthcare, and ultimately improving mental health outcomes for Black and Latinx youth.